Live Gaming

Live Gaming

Mobile Ops offers a unique live gaming experience and scoring system that makes each laser tag game a live gaming experience. Through Wi-Fi technology, our advanced laser tag hardware and software allows to create new and exciting game modes, manage all players, and of course provides a real time scoring.


Players can earn achievements at the end of each match to gain clout for their skill. Become the MVP by earning the most points, or prove you have the most accurate aim with Sharpshooter. Add another layer of competition as players strive to become the MVP or be the deadliest assassin.


Mobile Ops has the only system that offers a true kill streak experience found in popular games like Call of Duty. Call in a UAV to give away the enemies positions, get upgraded weapons or body armor for you and your team, or rain terror from the sky with mortars, missiles, choppers, and even a nuke! There are 16 Kill Streaks available for you to earn!

Live Kill Confirmation

When players get a kill they know it through in-game feedback.

Over 30 game modes

More game types than your heart could desire. Team modes, zombie modes, Search and Destroy, VIP, Hostage. Our software also allows us to change the game mode on the fly to get you back on the field without delay.

Real Time Scoring

See the game scores in real time or during and after the game.

Over 100 Weapon and Player Types

You are not restricted to all use the same basic weapon type. Players can choose easily between sniper rifles, pistols, energy swords, plasma blaster, poison darts, to fit their preferred play style.