Who We Are


Our vision is to see families play together, creating strong, safe and vibrant communities in our city, and beyond.


We provide Safe, Fun & Engaging environment for families, friends and co-workers to build relationships. We want to help fathers, in particular, spend more time with their kids; for husbands and wives to reconnect; for bosses to become leaders, and for all to create lasting memories.

  • We believe our gifts, talents and all resources come from and belong to God who matters.
  • We believe our kids are our future who need our presence now. The young matter.
  • We believe our friends and colleagues have basic needs to be stress free and feel safe and to have a fun way to work on skills. People matter.
  • We believe cohesive teams accomplish greater things. Teamwork matters.
what is laser tag

Laser Tag Is An Active Sport!

Laser tag weapons often resembles real firearms, but they only fire 100% safe class one lasers. In its nature, laser tag is similar to first-person shooting video games, and it allows experiencing realistic battle and tactical scenario gameplay.


What is Tactical Laser Tag?

The Most Advanced Experience Anywhere

Tactical Laser Tag does not have the same limitations as traditional “black light” laser tag. we can play outside in broad daylight with ranges up to 600ft. Our equipment is simply the most advanced system on the market today.

Team Based Gameplay

Traditional laser tag is a “free for all” type game. there is no point to the game other than trying to score points. Tactical Laser Tag is a team based game, teamwork is essential and mission objectives change between missions to keep the game fresh and exciting.

It's not just "Laser Tag"

Lot’s of vendors offer “Laser Tag”... not us. Don’t be fooled by vendors offering “Outdoor Laser Tag”. Teamwork, technology, experienced staff, and multiple mission types... THESE are the fundamentals of Tactical Laser Tag.